Is indoor LED display can be used for outdoor use?

From Colorlight experence, it's a frequently-asked question that whether indoor LED display can be used for outdoor applcication? what I should do when indoor LED screen is for outdoor use?

Indoor LED display
Now I can give you a positive answer that indoor LED display can't be used for outdoor use. It is not realistic for the following reasons.

1.Brightness Restrictions.

Usually the brightness of indoor LED display is lower than outdoor LED display. Indoor LED displays have low demand the birghtness, they use a dynamic scanning circuit, Outdoor LED display require higher brightness, they use a static scan circuit. Both of them is different in hardware.

2.Waterproof Restrictions.

Usually the indoor LED display structure dont do the processing waterproof, outdoor LED display cabinet has been totally sealed and waterproofed. So if the weather is wet, the
indoor LED display inside will leak water to causee extensive damage.

3. Viewing distance Restrictions.

Most indoor LED display vieing distance is not more than 10m, the pixel pitch is generally P2, P3, P3.91, P4.81, P4, P5, P6. For outdoor LED display, the best viewing distance is more than 10m, the pixel pitch is generally P8, P10, P16, P20.

In conclusion, indoor LED display can't be used for outdoor applcication because of brightness restrictions, waterproof restrictions and viewing distance restrictions. Contact us to make a LED display viedo wall for your requirement now.

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